Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Blogger @ Last ;-)

Saturday, 02/04/05 - Typed From The Keyboard Of A PC, Somewhere In England! ;-)

So, now that I''ve joined what appears to be an ever-increasing realm of ''Net'' bloggers, I guess that it''s about time that I got my finger out and put pen to paper (so to speak); and as such, begin the fine art of blogging.

However, before I get too deeply involved, I''m asking myself *one* simple question, "Just what is it that bloggers ''blog'' on about, and just what is it that bloggers hope to achieve in doing so???"

What is it that motivates people to blog???

Is the art of blogging merely a self-satisfying & enjoyable pastime, or is the motivation to do so, more complex/sincere than it would initially appear???

Who knows?

Perhaps I''ll find out the answer(s) to this/these & other fundamental questions appertaining to the art of blogging, as I start my pursual of the aforementioned, puzzling question(s)! ;-)

However, whilst I''m on the subject, I''m wondering to myself as to whether people are driven to blog purely to gain/attain a sense of high-held status in the blogging world; after all, isn''t it human nature to try and achieve notoriety & fame???

Perhaps - perhaps not. Who knows??? Who cares???

Perhaps if I''m lucky, an experienced blogger may read this, and resultantly, be so kind as to be able to elaborate on the subject a little more.

If this is the case, then I''d be extremely grateful for your views - thanks a lot!

So, Ladies & Gents, on that note I''ll end what''s been a very interesting & fulfilling *first* blog, and continue where I left off @ a later time/date! ;-)